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Pen Thru Card by J.C Magic  ( Blue Card )

This is a black hole card trick that does not require black clothes! Based on the effect of normal pen thru card, now the black hole element is added to make the penetration more magical.

The black hole is a classic effect in card magic, but most of them cannot be shown both sides of the card and gimmicks are easily broken. This Pen Thru Card gets rid of a lot of restrictions. There are no elastic threads and no fragile parts such as magnet and flap. Easy to use.

The audience is asked to choose a card and check that there is no problem with the card. Then the magician sticks a black sticker on the back of the card, and picks up a pen to pass through the card! When the audience thinks that there must be some secrets on the back of the card, the magician shows the back and hands it over to audience for inspection. The audience can even tear off the sticker to check!

Comes with gimmick cards and instructional video. Please supply or borrow the pen by yourself.

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