Gravity Flipper Coin (Walking Liberty Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic


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Gravity Flipper Coin (Walking Liberty Half Dollar) by Oliver Magic

A Walking Liberty Half Dollar is shown to be normal in appearance from both sides and then held between thumb and first finger. The other hand is shown empty and passes in front of the coin being held by the other hand. Now two coins are shown at the finger tips. The second hand takes away one of the coins and when the hand is shown, the coin has vanished into thin air.

This coin can be used for many effects including Coin thru Table and many other effects.

No more shaking or flipping, these flipper coins open via gravity. Simply allowing the insert to drop to your fingertips in a split second. The quality is amazing.

These will lay totally flat on any surface or your hand. The line is near invisible. This style of gravity flipper will allow you to take your coin magic to a new level.

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Weight .187 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 9 × 1 in

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